Johns Brothers. Welcome

Posted by Pete: 26/03/2016 10:20


We've talked about doing this for a few years and now we've finally done it. The website represents literally hundreds of hours worth of work, much of it stood outside in the cold waiting for the right conditions and recently sat in front of a computer screen wondering how to actually build a website.

We got there in the end, and we're proud of the end result.

Feel free to have a look through our galleries and we've love to hear what you think. If you like what you see please help spread the word by sharing and liking this page.

You can also follow us on Facebook or Twitter @Johnsbro_photo

Thank You,

Andy and Pete

Toadstools and fungus in the garden
Untitled photo

Johns Brothers. The Cobb

Posted by Pete: 03/04/16 22:22

28th February. A Sunday. Last night, it seemed like a good idea. The wine probably helped.

At 5am on a Sunday, getting up for the sunrise suddenly does not seem like such a good idea. The wine is...regrettable.

Our chosen location is Lyme Regis, a not-too-far-away coastal resort town and one that has been on the list for ages, but I've rarely visited. On this cold February morning, however, all I can think of are two things - coffee and bacon.

Andy supplied the coffee. Bacon would have to come later. We arrive at the famous Cobb, a breakwater dating back hundreds of years described by Andy as a race track, due to its glorious banking, sweeping bends. The Cobb has been shot thousands of times of course, but we thought we'd give it a go. This would be the first time we've been out shooting together for ages....years in fact. It was nice to just get out and talk rubbish about cameras.

We were totally unprepared for just how cold the morning would be, and within twenty minutes we were both frozen and again questioning our life decisions. Not even Iceland was this cold. But we persisted, at least for a little while, knowing that this much effort on a cold Sunday morning would be rewarded.

As it happens, the sunrise was flat and lifeless and there was no real reward, but if every trip was a success that would take the fun out of things. Right?

Then we went home, had coffee and a bacon sandwich, and decided to form this website. True story.

Pete's shot

Untitled photo

Andy's shot

The Old Cobb

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